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Achieve It!

A "Balanced" Face With Makeup
beautiful makeup

Achieve It! – A “Balanced” Face With Makeup

Minglers, have you ever wondered why your bright shadow doesn’t look just right? Have you ever tried a bright lip and then felt at a loss for what to do with your shadow after?
One of the few challenges of mastering makeup is finding a “balanced face.” But what does that mean? Simply, it’s achieved when none of your facial features are fighting with each other for attention. But that doesn’t mean that your lips go bare because you’ve brightened your eyes. Surprised?
The truth is, the best balance for a big eye is to have a complementary light color on your lips.

A great example of this is the picture below:

mingle cosmetics

The yellow, blue and green tones on the eyes are stunning, but the light pink on the lip ties the whole look together


mingle cosmetics

A strong lip and eye, like the one above, is definitely achievable, as long as you the eye and lip tones are the same in color and vibrancy.
Daytime look: You want shades and application to be a bit more subdued than you would if you were going out for the night.
Nighttime Look: Build upon what you wore during the day when you were wearing a more translucent shade on your face. Just be sure to add an extra coat for deeper color around your eyes or lips.
Overall: Night or day, you want to be sure that the rest of your makeup is more subdued or it will look dated. It’s okay to have strong eyes and lips, but it’s not a good choice with loud fashion or wild hair.   As always, consider the whole ensemble.
No matter what colors you choose, be sure to finish with a light powder and a bit of blush to create a perfect balance for a beautiful face.
Achieve it!


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