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Achieve It!

Contouring: Part Two
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Achieve It! – Contouring: Part Two

For part two of our contouring tutorials, we are going to cover evening contouring.

Contouring made easy does not mean it’s a piece of cake. With some practice, contouring is an approachable challenge for any one.

So, let’s talk about nighttime contouring for  evening lighting.

Before you begin, find a complimentary contour shade that is a shade darker than your skin tone. I prefer to buy colors on  the cool side or gray spectrum. When you think about contouring, it’s all about shadowing. Shadows are in grayscale, right? They aren’t brown or bronze. So, apply this logic when you’re  looking for a color: go for a cool brown or something in the taupe family. And be sure the color is flat without shimmer.

The areas I contour for the evening are under the cheekbone, the sides of the jaw, and the sides of nose. If you don’t have bangs, contour the sides of the forehead at the hairline to round out your  face, too.  Contouring on the sides of the jaw give the face more sculpture and while contouring around the nose is necessary, watch out for creating a look that might seem like you simply have dirt on your nose.

If you’re really feeling daring, apply contour under your jawline to give definition to your  face and thin neckline. Remember to use a light hand.

What You’ll Need:
Contour shade (powder form)
Blush brush
Blender brush

1. Start with small amounts of your contour shade  and don’t load up your brush with product. You can even blot your brush on tissue prior to application to be sure.

2. Sweep the powder under the cheekbones, the sides of the jaw and lightly along the sides of the nose.

3. Before any  big night out, be sure to practice. If you feel like you’ve applied to much, clean off your face with a gentle makeup pad and start again.

If you’re still having trouble with contouring, try different brushes and blending techniques.  Every face and skin texture is different so find what works and what doesn’t for  you.

Makeup should always be enjoyable and a way to bring out another beautiful part of you.

Achieve it!

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