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Mingle Story


The Short Story

Mingle is your go-to for glamour in natural cosmetics. Our long-wearing, non-drying, high-performance cosmetics are made with ingredients found in nature–Macadamia nut oil, Shea butter, grapefruit extract, and Vitamin D for instance. I’m proud that Mingle combines the vitality of nature without losing any of the luster I expect of the beauty products I use every day and in editorial projects. I am as proud of what we put into Mingle as I am of what we left out. All Mingle Cosmetic products are paraben-free and intensively researched and selected for their uniquely beneficial properties. Fan through my blog  if you want to learn more about the makeup of Mingle makeup, browse my beauty tips, or find out what’s in Mingle’s incubator. Cosmetics and their creators shouldn’t be mysterious–so please reach out if you have questions and read my bio for more about me.

The Whole Story

Mingle Cosmetics is a portrait of an artist as much as it is a natural brand. As my bio indicates, I’ve been an artist since I was a little girl, moving from the canvas to skin, but always with a brush in my hand, an eye for light and an awareness for the natural environment around me. Now, when I’m doing product placement for a shoot, for example, or using special effects to create a photographers’ story, I can see that my life and my work went from 2D to 3D, from inanimate to alive, when I found my true medium: beauty products and skincare. My obsession is marrying natural ingredients to a luxurious experience, cultivating safe and healthful makeup that has the strength to create any look from toned down to full-on glamorous. So, how did Mingle materialize?

From the inside looking out, it seems pretty intuitive that my focus centered on getting done-up with products with the power to renew from the beginning. I grew up on the Western plains and moved to the West Coast–everywhere I looked was jaw-dropping beauty and every day brought a million-dollar sunset. But, in Wyoming especially, I wanted to shed my small town roots and see if I could keep my head above water in more competitive environment, too. I never forgot where I came from–how could I? No one can. Embracing the environment is something deeply engrained in my approach.

As I worked my way through the beauty industry, I was quite conscious of what ingredients were doing to enhance or limit a product’s performance. I noticed that, oftentimes, natural products wore too thin and didn’t have the pigment load of their synthetic counterparts. That never sat well with me. I didn’t understand why so many cosmetic lines–the most reputable brands among them–seemed to tell women that they had to pick a side: either you were a low maintenance girl with an ingredients list you could pronounce or you were a fancy lady who didn’t care what fillers and additives were necessary to satisfy your vanity. And there’s no judgment here of either end of the spectrum, because what I love about makeup is that it allows us to recognize each of the many personas we all have. But, I don’t see why the beauty industry seemed to be telling us that nature and glamour were mutually exclusive. Mingle combines all of these strengths and capabilities.

Of course, I had to take it one step further because I want more than just natural ingredients and high performance–I want to simplify my life and yours, too. I don’t want seven steps–I want one step. As someone who has been messing around with makeup for the better part of two decades, I can say that the choice for products that do the work of many is limited. Again, I keep in mind the many hats women wear: the mothers, the care-driven, the athletes, the women who have everything but time to futz around in the mirror for hours before starting the day. When I’m working with my formulators, driving them insane because I refuse to settle for anything less than everything I want in a product, I’m thinking about what we want. I want to look amazing, but I don’t have the time to look amazing if it requires a moisturizer, a toner, a base, a powder, a bronzer, a blush, foundation primer and shadow primer and glitter and matte and liners and pencils and brushes. I only have time to tend to each element once–and that’s what Mingle does.

You may have picked up on a little theme as I’ve taken you down through how Mingle came to be–I’ve always been one to mix and mingle. I love putting people together that you wouldn’t expect to see socializing, and likewise, I am thrilled that through this no-holds-barred product line, I can mix and let mingle unexpected ingredients with sensational results. The word evokes a sense of socializing, which I think is important, too. It reminds us that we put on makeup to when we leave the house. It reminds us that image counts. Even if you’re someone who says that you don’t care about image, you can’t help but put forth a visual. It’s why I remind people to never underestimate the power of personal style. A huge part of how you perceive yourself stems from how others perceive you, whether or not you’re conscious of it. Makeup helps you control what that image is. It brings out the story of you.

I hope that I will be rewarded for not compromising and for not trying to sell you 100 items instead of just a few. But the fact that Mingle products exist, that I can take them and use them on a shoot, use them on my own skin every day and introduce them to women whose lives are better for them makes me feel a huge sense of reward already. Mingle is for you, the woman who wants to wear a gorgeous apple red lipstick stain, eat three meals, kiss your friends hello and goodbye, drink your weight in ounces in water every day and not have to wonder if the color has faded from the center out, or wandered across your face in humidity, or sucked your lips bone dry.

Mingle’s ingredients over time will increase your collagen production, plump your skin, help your lashes grow longer and stronger. Because, in my opinion, if a beauty product can, it should.

Thank you for your interest in Mingle. Click here if you want more beauty tips, personal stories, and news about what products are coming up next  from Mingle.